Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

Top 5 Event Entertainment Ideas To Really Surprise Your Guests

Your next event is fast approaching – you’ve found the venue, selected the perfect menu, and you know the decor is going to look fabulous – in short, your event is destined to be the talk of the town, right? Not so fast, what about entertainment for your guests?

Let’s avoid the snooze-fest.

We’ve got so many fun, entertainment options right here in Adelaide, so there’s no excuse for hosting a dull event. To make things easy, we’ve listed some of the most unique entertainment ideas for you to bookmark. Happy planning! Here are 5 event entertainment ideas that will really surprise your guests:

1. Roving Entertainer

Stuck in a conversation at the back of the room? Roving artists or acts are perfect for making sure that nobody misses the fun by coming to you! There are various types of wandering acts including magicians, caricaturists, silhouette artists, balloonists and more. The idea is that no matter what, every guest will be included in the nights entertainment at one time or another – making sure you get the best bang for your buck!

2. Event Walls

An event wall? Really? Yes, if used correctly you will get great reactions by simply putting up an event wall that adds style and character to your event. Whether it’s used to promote your brand or simply look stylish, a bespoke event wall can help your event stand out as soon as your guests arrive. This could also be a great place for attendees to take selfies and ‘red carpet-like’ images of themselves. Event walls could include your logo or event name on a repeating backdrop, a gorgeous flower wall, greenery walls, hanging boho-style macrame hoops and more.

3. Eye Candy

Ahem. Who says you have to go to Las Vegas for a your very own “Magic Mike” show? Our male entertainers are ready, willing, and able to cater to your oh-so-discerning entertainment and staffing needs. From bachelor parties to corporate events, our gorgeous, athletic, and charming guys will definitely make sure that your guests are never bored, thirsty, or deprived of eye candy.

4. Live Dancers & Latin Band

We can provide a variety of hot entertainment from sizzling Brazilian samba to high energy drum performances or classical jazz ensembles! Not only do they offer live performances, they also offer some of the best DJ’s in the city. Party anyone? Our team is sure to help make your event a memorable one!

5.  Glow Show

A “glow show” is a spellbinding display of circus-like skills using a multitude of customize lights. If you’re looking for perfect photo opportunities to be shared on social media and beyond, then this is exactly the act you’re after with incredible images emerging from the combination jugglers, hula hoop artists and dancers. Elegant and extraordinary, this is a visual feast of choreographed customize to be remembered long into the night.


There are a whole host of different types of entertainment out there to suit your occasion. In fact the only limit is probably your imagination!

If we’ve inspired you with these ideas, then no matter what the budget, we at a4ogroup can customize the perfect entertainment for your event. Get in touch for more information!

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